Katie Broida
Ruminations on Coding and Crafting

I’ve always got something in the works! Below are some descriptions of what I’m working on currently.

Firefox Contributor

Last summer I did an internship with Mozilla fixing papercut UI issues in Firefox. I worked on these sort of front end bugs before my internship started and have continued making contributions after my internship ended as well.


A Node app for finding correlations between the stock market and other trending data sources. With Stockr, a user can pick a stock and a time frame to see its performance alongside information from other APIs, like words spoken in Congress or images from Flickr published in that time period. I have a prototype working locally, but there are a couple issues I want to clear up before I take it live.

LoLcat Ipsum

A lorum ipsum generator that is designed to mimic “lolspeak.” I scraped sites’ HTML and parsed results to get latin and lolspeak text file, then wrote a program to display generated text according to user’s specifications.


I’m working with a friend on a JavaScript/HTML/CSS library for students transitioning from coding with MIT’s Scratch tool to creating web apps. It’s not public, but I hope to have a minimally working library we can publish soon.